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Acrobats, Animal Acts, Armadillo Races, Auctioneers, Bagpipes, Balloon Artist, Caricature Artists, Carnival Games, Casino Gaming, Children's Entertainers, Cirque, Clowns, Costumed Characters, Dance Troupes, Face Painters, Fortune Tellers, Green Screen Photography, Holiday Entertainment, Hypnotists, Jugglers, Living Decor, Look-A-Likes,  Magicians,  Mentalists, Mimes, Motivational Speakers, Murder Mystery Theatre, Performance Artists, Petting Zoos, Stilt Walkers, Temporary Tattoos, Unicyclists, Ventriloquists, Western Entertainers and more...
  1. Custom Stilt Walkers and Greeters
    Custom Stilt Walkers and Greeters
    Available for any theme Cirque, Western, Holiday, Patriotic, Sports, Whimsical, Futuristic, Fantasy, African, Asian, Broadway, Vegas, Hula, Roaring 20's, 50's, 60's, 70's 80's and More...
  2. Games for Children
    Games for Children
    Slides, Inflatables, Carnival, Arcade, Obstacle Courses, Giant Lite Brite, Giant Jinga, Wax Hands, Rock Climbing, Bungee, Zip Line, Zorb Balls, Sumo Wrestling, Petting Zoo's and More...
  3. Luau Entertainment
    Luau Entertainment
    Tahitian, Polynesian, Hawaiian, Hula Dancers, Lei Greeters, Poi Ball Twirler, Fire Ball Twirler, Fire Knife Dancer, Fire Eater Performer, Ukulele Singer, Steel Drum, Beach Music, Caribbean Band, Reggae Band, Hawaiian Band and More...
  4. Cirque Acts
    Cirque Acts
    Pole Performers, Balancing, Stilt Walking, Contortsion, Hooping, Unicycle, Trampolining, Fire Dancing, Poi Twirler, Cyr Wheel, Physical Comedy, Aerial silk, Juggling, Acrobatics, Circus Side Show, Snake Charmers, Water Performers, Bubble Spheres, Burlesque, Aerial Drummers, Vertical Performers, Cube Act, Sway Poles, LED Performers, Chandelier Acts and More...
  5. Holiday Entertainment
    Holiday Entertainment
    Real Beard Santas, Mrs. Claus, Christmas Carolers, Multi-Talented Elf, Live Reindeer, Holiday Characters, Magical Scrooge, Christmas Monkey, Living Décor, Holiday Face painters, Toy Soldiers Stilt walkers and More…
  6. Living Statues
    Living Statues
    Available for any theme Western, Holiday, Patriotic, Sports, Whimsical, Futuristic, Fantasy, African, Asian, Broadway, Hollywood, Greek, Vegas, Roaring 20's and More...
  7. Party Favorites
    Party Favorites
    Fortune Tellers, Balloon Artists, Caricature Artists, Face Painters, Jugglers, Magicians, Multi-Talented Clowns, Airbrush Tattoos and Glitter Artists
  8. Costumed Characters
    Costumed Characters
    Available for any theme Cirque, Western, Holiday, Patriotic, Sports, Whimsical, Futuristic, Fantasy, African, Asian, Broadway, Vegas, Hula, Roaring 20's, 50's, 60's, 70's 80's and More...
  9. Event Photography
    Event Photography
    Green Screen, Mirror Selfie, Enclosed Photo Pod, Open Air, Animated GIF, Slow Motion Video Booths, Social Media Kiosk and More...


  1. Line Dance Instructors
    Line Dance Instructors
    Provide line dance instructions for your event so that everyone can join in on the fun.
  2. Armadillo Races
    Armadillo Races
    It just don’t get more Texas than ‘dillos! Nine-banded armadillos are "steered" down the track by guests selected as "jockeys.” Handlers are available all during the event to answer questions.
  3. Cigar Rollers
    Cigar Rollers
    . Your guests will have enough time to enjoy watching how cigars are created while allowing the roller to go slow enough to answer questions and interact with your guests.
  4. Beer Burros
    Beer Burros
    Some bartenders are really friendly, but ours is a real ass! Tallulah the Beer Burro will treat your guests to a nice cold one right from her saddlebags.
  5. Trick Roper
    Trick Roper
    Performances can be done from stage, strolling or on a trick horse.
  6. Western Living Statues
    Western Living Statues
    Cowgirls, Cowboys and more..
  7. Chain Saw Artist
    Chain Saw Artist
    Your visitors will enjoy Burt's quick wit and personable style as he takes a blank piece of log and turns it into a work of art. Owls, eagles, bears, alligators – Burt can find all these and more inside logs and pieces of wood. All in an hour or less while you watch.
  8. Chicken Sh*t Bingo
    Chicken Sh*t Bingo
    Here's an activity that's sure to ruffle some feathers - chicken feathers, that is. Participants choose squares on a large game board, while spectators watch like foxes at a hen house. A live chicken "selects" the winning square by dropping his unique mark on the game board. Chicken Sh*t Bingo is a sure bet to crack up your guests three or four times a night - where Number 2 is Number One and Turd Place is always a winner.
  9. Custom Boots
    Custom Boots
  10. Gambler Magician
    Gambler Magician
    A GAMBLER MAGICIAN will outsmart your guests at cards, amaze them with close-up table magic and even stick the Queen of Hearts on the ceiling.
  11. Gunfighters
    When two rough cowpokes begin flirting with your female guests, it’s clear that trouble’s a brewin’. The Marshal is forced to wade into the fray and fire his peace-maker, silencing all chatter at the event. A loud confrontation ensues and, of course, it leads to gunplay. Shots are fired, people are killed and the Marshal saves the day.
  12. Custom Hat Fitting
    Custom Hat Fitting
    Available with Custom Branding of the hats with a corporate logo
  13. Live Longhorn Photos
    Live Longhorn Photos
    Guests can have their photos taken next to a live longhorn for proof that they are becoming real Texans.
  14. Mechanical Bull
    Mechanical Bull
    An Urban Cowboy thriller for guests who want more action. Skilled operators control speed and movement to customize the ride to your guests' personality and skill level.
  15. Quick Draw Challenge
    Quick Draw Challenge
    Duel Our gunslingers will assist your guests as they strap on a handmade leather holster and a replica of the single action .45 caliber revolver used in the old west. After a brief safety session, two Gunfighters face-off in a duel to see who is the "fastest gun in the West."
  16. Saloon Girls
    Saloon Girls
    These professional, charismatic, and sophisticated mademoiselles go well paired with our cowboys or as a solo act at any event or party. Adorned in brightly colored authentic old west costumes, our western inspired Saloon Girls provide exceptional meet-and-greet services, hosting, and a great photo opportunity. They can also perform scripted comedy skits, break out into a can-can dance or provide line dance instruction for added entertainment at your event.
  17. Bubba's Backyard Midway
    Bubba's Backyard Midway
    “Bubba's Backyard Midway? What in the heck is that?” you ask. Well, Bubba's Backyard Midway™ is a group of games with a unique twist. Do you think these games are played at High Tea? Not a chance. These games are ridiculous! Bubba's Backyard Midway is specifically designed for people that want to laugh and have photo opportunities galore. And, we promise that this event is different from any your guests have seen before.
  18. Shoe Shines
    Shoe Shines
    Professional shoe shines, attendant and stand.
  19. Rolo Roper
    Rolo Roper
    Game When the cowhand “spurs” the horse, a mechanical calf rolls out from beneath the mount to give the feel of roping a moving target
  20. Western Bo
    Western Bo
    Bo performs his special blend of Comedy, Magic and Audience Interaction over 250 times a year across the United States, appearing at TRADE SHOWS, PARTIES, CORPORATE FUNCTIONS, BUSINESS MEETINGS and every kind of special event imaginable. He has been a featured performer at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. and was honored with the prestigious "Telly Award" for his comedy writing and performing. He has been seen on "Good Morning America", CNN, the BBC, and Good Morning Texas.
  21. County and Western Music
    County and Western Music
    Traditional, Classic, Honky-Tonk and more...
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